Implantation of the Study Device

The surgery is expected to take about 90 minutes and involves two (2) incisions, one on the left side of your neck (about 6 cm) and one in your upper left chest (about 3 cm) just below the collarbone (clavicle). After you receive anesthesia and are asleep, the surgeon will locate the vagus nerve in your left neck and then will wrap the spiral cuff portion of the stimulation lead around the vagus nerve. The connector side of the lead is tunneled under the skin and the connectors are attached to the battery (“implanted device” in the figure below). After testing, the implanted device is placed in the chest pocket and your incisions are closed with stitches. You might stay overnight after the surgery and then be released, but this may vary depending on the surgeon, hospital policy, and your own response to surgery – so you may go home the same day. After surgery, you will recover for approximately one week or as directed by your doctor. Once you have recovered, you may begin your study treatment.


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